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The content you create has a social impact whether you want it to or not
what kind of impact do you want to make?

if you're a:

if you're a:

If you're a:

Whether you are a writer, producer, or development executive working on scripted narratives, documentaries, shorts, TV shows, a web series, VR, video games or commercials, social impact is relevant to your work. 

All content that is released to the public has a social impact.  If you are intentional, that impact could be positive, inspiring people to action, bringing attention to important issues, making people feel included and represented. If you are mindless, you could end up unintentionally hurting people, making people feel invisible, ugly, culturally appropriated, misunderstood. By having an impact producer, you get to be intentional about the impact you are having.

You don't need to be working on something that has some sort of larger message. Making sure you aren't making any cultural mistakes, being intentional about diversity and representation in casting, or including small things like making sure the character buckles their seat belt in a cop show or stops to use a condom in a romcom, people are watching and learning from the decisions you make.

Make sure you know the impact you're having.

You've come to the right place if you're working on A:

  • Scripted narrative

  • Documentary

  • TV Show/Pilot

  • Web Series

  • Short

  • Video Game

i can ensure you make the impact you want

content analysis &


Impact strategic planning

impact-oriented marketing & distribution

policy change advocacy

audience engagement & activation

press & media engagement strategy

strategic partnerships

It is becoming the norm for productions to have an impact producer from pre-production to distribution, with an eye toward impact.

I offer services including:

  • Content evaluation

  • Supporting diversity and inclusion/cultural sensitivity

  • Analyzing impact during production

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There is content that has a specific perspective and wants to raise awareness about a certain issue. That content needs a strategy past normal distribution channels.

I develop strategy for impact campaigns to magnify a piece's influence by:

  • Helping set impact goals

  • Helping develop impact metrics 

  • Helping set strategy to achieve impact goals

  • Learn More

Any piece of content can have a social impact, whether it's a romcom, an action movie, a thriller, or an issue-driven story.


I developed a rubric and checklist that I use to evaluate content by analyzing:

  • What positive effects could this have?

  • Could this have unintentional negative effects?

  • Are the details accurate?

  • Are there any cultural gaffs?

  • Has diversity been considered?

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Start being intentional about your social impact
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