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If you're a:

Every story has specific and unique needs throughout the creative process, as does the creator who is writing it. Some people like talking things out while others like everything written down. Some people are looking for one-off feedback, others are looking for a longer term thought partner. I am here for what you need, and together, we can craft a process that feels right for you. 

Below are some examples of the type of work we can do together. These can be applied features, pilots, outlines, treatments of any genre:

In-depth notes

These in-depth notes can be anywhere from 7-15 pages, and may include feedback on premise, plot, characters, character dynamics, dialogue, setting, structure, commercial viability, social impact/cultural sensitivity, and page notes.

High level feedback

This is great if you're not ready for in-depth notes yet, but want eyes on the work for general feedback. 

Impact notes 

Impact notes are a social impact analysis for folks who specifically want to understand their potential social impact - both positive or negative. This includes an in-depth social impact/cultural sensitivity review/DEI review of the content. This provides a much more in-depth review than what is provided in the in-depth script notes. See an example here

Targeted notes

Targeted notes are drilling down into a specific part of the script, it could be a scene, a character, a plot point, these help when you're looking for very particular feedback or want to workshop something specific. 

Multi-draft comparison notes

It can be helpful to work together over time and drafts. In addition to the in-depth review, this feedback also includes a comparison between drafts.

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