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Impact Producing

Impact campaigns are your way of having cascading influence. They take your message out of the audience and into the world. The most effective social impact campaigns start when you're still in production and go on well past release, but any length of social impact campaign is better than none. I can help set up the strategy for you social impact campaigns to maximize your impact.

Design impact goals

In order to make the most impact, you need to know the impact you want to have. Do you want to just raise awareness? Do you want to affect legislation? Do you want to raise a certain amount of money for a cause? By leading a theory of change exercise that determines your impact goals, I can use that information to design a customized social impact campaign to achieve those goals. 

create actionable next steps

You don't just want someone to see your film or show, you want them to be moved to act. Often, because audiences aren't given next steps, inspiration is where it stops. In order to have impact, people need to have outlets for their inspiration. I work with partners to design what those next steps are and make sure audiences know how to take them.


impact evaluation metrics

Having the desire to make impact is not enough. We need to be measuring if we are actually having the desired impact we stated in our impact goals. Measuring impact can be tricky, and causality can be difficult to prove. However, by having certain key performance indicators to reference, we can make sure that the impact campaign is helping move the needle in the right direction. 

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