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impact evaluation

Knowing the potential impact of your story gives you the power to shape and direct that impact. Even if you are making a comedy or a horror film, there are places to consider impact. Whether it's around diversity, cultural sensitivity, or unintentionally promoting stereotypes, having a grasp of your potential impact is essential. 

Potential for impact

I developed a rubric and checklist that I run content through to get a picture of the type of impact it could have. At the end of that process, you will have a social impact review and report of your content that will include scores on diversity and inclusion, accuracy, cultural sensitivity, and areas to consider, watch out for, and think about more deeply. 

Cultural sensitivty

Sometimes a name means something offensive in a different language. Sometimes a joke you think is funny is actually derogatory. Sometimes our choices in dress or ritual are actually culturally appropriating. We can't know everything, and most of the time it isn't intentional, but it still happens. Using my background in anthropology, I will evaluate the content for cultural sensitivity to ensure no one is unintentionally hurt, offended, or alienated. 

Script accuracy

Stories can tackle big topics, and even though writers often do a good job with research, I help to ensure that any topics the script tackles are accurate and realistic. With my background living around the world, my expertise in global health, my experience in government, I am able to point out places in the story that might get it wrong, and make sure we have the expertise to get it right. 

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